Susan Hogsette, PT, FAFS, FMR, CGS

Physical Therapist (PT)
Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS)
Functional Manual Reaction (FMR)
Certified Golf Specialist (CGS)

Experience Matters

You can trust the nearly 30 years of experience effectively treating not only the symptoms but flushing out the root causes of pain and impaired movement. Missing the CAUSE of pain leads to unnecessary delays in recovery and prolonged pain.

My investment with industry leading continuing education through schools such as the Gray Institute has positioned me to better serve clients and patients with the most effective, meaningful movement analysis system.

Experience the difference this integrative, whole body approach makes to decreasing pain and improving everything from foot pain, headaches, and even your golf score.

Gray Institute Fellow of Applied Functional Science - 2008

Fellow of Applied Functional Science is advanced education in science of human movement/ biomechanics.

2008 Functional Manual Reaction - certificate in manual therapy skills.

2017 Female Chain Reaction/ Pelvic Health Certificate.

2018 Certified Golf Specialist.

Value Driven Service

Simply stated: I am driven to work for you. Your treatment is not captive to the demands and restrictions of third-party payers or corporate “health” systems which are truly driven by billing codes and profit margins.

This fee-for-service method puts you in the driver’s seat of your care, resulting in overall fewer visits and more freedom of choice. I will not simultaneously treat multiple people, thus providing the unparalleled professional service that you expect and deserve.

Please contact me for more information on faster, meaningful results.

Hogsette Physical Therapy

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